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Land Cruiser ‘Beast’ gets twenty percent more power

5 September 2016

The latest  custom performance enhancement from Steve’s Autoclinic (SAC) is that of the Toyota Land Cruiser VX200 dubbed ‘The Beast’.

The engineers at SAC suspected that the 4.5 D-4D V8 turbodiesel engine fitted to the Toyota Land Cruiser VX200 could offer more than the factory standard outputs of 173kW and 615Nm.

After many, many hours spent working closely with the team from Dastek Power and Unichip in the development of this performance upgrade the team was satisfied that they have the best product to draw out that extra ‘oomph’ under the bonnet.

How much extra oomph. Well, twenty percent in vehicle power and fifty percent more torque. This Toyota Land Cruiser VX200 has around 200kW and 900Nm on tap. These are torque levels previously reserved for trucks and supercars!

This Unichip Plug and Play conversion offers five different engine maps (programmes) that have all been tested and proven in South African conditions by the SAC test engineers.

The first map allows for a factory standard operation and the second prioritises fuel economy.

The third Off-Road and Towing selection, completely changes the engines’ operation to befit low-down grunt and which makes the engine very responsive to even the slightest touch of the accelerator.

In Map 4 you have access to that deep well of extra power, and you will immediately feel the change in acceleration and top speed.

Dare to choose Map 5 mode and you will find yourself pushed back in your backrest as the big and bulky 200 Series suddenly forgets about its weight, ignores the laws of physics and bolts forward.

Source: Steve’s Auto Clinic

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