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Adjusting the new Discovery’s seats mid-air

7 September 2016

If you ever want to reconfigure the seats of your all-new Land Rover Discovery while free-falling, after jumping out of an aeroplane, the good news is that you can.

Somehow, we don’t see many (if any) people making use of this feature in quite the same way as British adventurer and Land Rover Brand Ambassador Bear Grylls recently did.

Having jumped from a plane with six members of the Royal Navy Parachute Display Team and free-falling at 200km/h, Bear was able to change the vehicle’s seating layout at the touch of a button on his smartphone before he had to deploy his parachute.

The new Discovery that will officially debut on 28 September 2016, ahead of the Paris Motor Show, is fitted with Intelligent Seat Fold technology that allows Discovery owners to configure their vehicle seating through the InControl Remote app on their smartphone from anywhere in the world.

The Intelligent Seat Fold technology can be activated in four different ways. Switches within the luggage area and on the C-pillar allow the seats to be moved or folded while standing beside the vehicle. Row two and three seats can also be raised and lowered using the main touchscreen display on the dashboard and Land Rover’s InControl Remote app allows customers using both iOS and Android smartphones to connect with the New Discovery.

Once connected, owners can reconfigure seats,  confirm that all the windows are closed, check the fuel level,  setting the air conditioning or monitoring its location.