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Bakkie trashed by elephant

5 December 2016

If you are planning a trip to Kruger, Addo or one of our other parks where pachyderms roam free, be aware that two elephants fighting or a lone male flapping his ears is an unmistakable cue to move on briskly.

This incident took place in Kenya in 2002 but recently resurfaced on social media and is a good reminder of what an elephant can do to your bakkie or car, not to mention the precious cargo inside the vehicle.


This is what Save the Elephants shared on Facebook:
“2002: There were two bulls fighting. The older one, Rommel (pictured) was being defeated by the younger and more energetic one. Out of frustration, the defeated bull attacked the STE vehicle, with our researchers who were on site observing the fight.
Rommel stuck his tusk through the cabin, and flipped the vehicle over.


Luckily, our researchers, Daniel Lentipo and George Wittemyer, escaped unscathed but badly shaken.”