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Nissan employs experts to tailor autonomous driving tech to cultural norms

6 December 2016

Nissan has employed a number of experts to enable its autonomous driving technologies to be tailored to different countries and cultural norms.

People drive in varying ways in different countries and even at different times of the day. Nissan believes that, for self-driving vehicles to be successful, they need to be able to identify and adapt to local driving patterns and to behave in a similar manner.


Asa result, the Japanese automaker is receiving assistance from sociologists and anthropologists to understand how other road users operate, study pedestrian movements and to analyze traffic patterns.

During Nissan’s recent Futures event, principal scientist and design anthropoligst at Nissan Research Center, Melissa Cefkin said: “There’s an enormous range of differences to how cars move when they drive, and they differ from small towns to city centres and even times of the day. We want to bring in a social lens to help analyse those trends. As humans, we are very good at picking up clues that we take for granted.

There are patterns that we can perhaps prime into the cars so the systems will be able to interpret the environment. With a social lens, we can do this without relying on miles and decades of technological sensing.”

Source: Carscoops