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Citroën to leave South African market

9 December 2016

The PCSA group in South Africa held a strategy meeting on Wednesday and announced that Citroën will be exiting our market.

Citroën sales have not being doing well over the last while and the company has decided to concentrate its efforts in South Africa on the Peugeot brand.

“A full aftersales and parts delivery service to our Citroën and DS customers will remain a priority ensuring that those customers will not be neglected in any way”, commented Managing Director, Francis Harnie. “With a car park of around 15 000 Citroen and DS vehicles in South Africa, these customers are important to us and we will not let them down.” he said.

Peugeot SA’s five-year plan will include a relaunch of the brand and the launch of three new products next year, two of them SUVs, namely the new 2008 SUV that will be introduced in March and the new 3008 SUV that will be launched in May.

Peugeot will launch at least one model a year from 2018 to 2022.

  • Nkanyamba

    Sad to see no new Citroen’s for sale. We’re losing a good brand, who’s reputation was destroyed in the early days of their return to SA thanks to Imperial. When Imperial touches a brand, parts and servicing costs triple, parts availability halves. It took PSA years (and lots of phone calls, e-mails and letters to France from irate customers in SA) for them to realise that they had to come to SA and market and service the brand themselves. Too late it seems – And Zero marketing or getting the message across to SA market that Citroen was much improved and under new ownership in SA, with FAR better Parts availability and pricing, not to mention excellent new vehicles (Cactus, DS5, etc.).