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Test drives – an essential step in the buying process

3 February 2017

Here are some tips from GWM of what to consider when test driving a new vehicle:

Thinking of buying a new car? Done your research and now ready to take the next step? Taking a potential new vehicle for a test drive is the best way to really know if it’s for you.

Taking the vehicle of a test drive – what to look out for
Take time to get acquainted with the vehicle before even stepping inside. Fully explore the vehicle’s exterior front-to-back and top-to-bottom. When it comes to the interiors: are seats comfortable and supportive? Are they adjustable? Do climate controls and window wipers work well? Adjust the windows seating and steering wheels to fit for you before starting the drive.

On the drive
Don’t just take the vehicle for a 10 minute spin around the block. Spend atleast 30 minutes in the vehicle to get the full experience. While driving, listen out for the car – is it noisy, do the gears shift smoothly? Turn the radio off to hear the mechanics. Prepare a set of questions before-hand to ask the salesman anything that’s on your mind. Ask how the car compares in all facets to other vehicles in its class. If you are torn between two or three different vehicles, test drive comparable models on the same day, back-to-back if possible so your memory is fresh. Try park the car so see how difficult or easy it is to manoeuvre in tight spots.

Get a second opinion
You can ofcourse return to the dealership for a second look at the vehicle. Take along your partner, a family member or the kids for second opinion. If you have kids at a car safely seat age, bring them along with the seat to see if it fits nicely in the vehicle and is easy to manoeuvre in and out of place.

Keep your personal wish list in mind
Trust your intuition. If something doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t. Buying a car is important long term investment and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Take time to consider your options and don’t be rushed in to a decision by the dealer.

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Text and image: GWM