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2017 Honda CR-V revealed

14 October 2016

The fifth-generation Honda CR-V has just been unveiled in the United States. The Japanese brand has stressed that this model is for the US market only, however the differences between this and the version that will reach  Europe and our shores are likely to be minimal.

Honda have lengthened the wheelbase and slimmed down the A-pillars of this popular compact SUV, but the design is more of a progression from the fourth gen, than a departure from the looks of the previous model.

A turbocharged 1.5-liter direct-injected four-cylinder engine that generates 142kW will be fitted to the EX and higher trim levels of the CR-V. The new engine is 5kW more powerful than the outgoing version, while also offering better fuel economy.  The fancier LX version of the CR-V will be powered by a 2.4-liter engine with 137kW.

The new model comes with the option of a hands-free tailgate and the audio system for the 2017 CR-V is Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatible. Lastly the old-school volume knob has returned in addition to touch controls.

“Our customers and many of you told us loud and clear that you wanted a volume knob so the knob is back!” said Jeff Conrad, senior vice president of the US Honda division.

  • teofli

    The car does not look original anymore. The first version of the current model looked somewhat ugly, but I got used to the shape and ended loving it. The facelift was also lovely and somehow perfected this model. Now this: it looks like a combination of the X-Trail and Rav 4. Am just glad it remains big, meaning that the space has not been compromised at all. With that type of spec and engine derivatives, I suspect it will cost an arm and a leg, though the more derivatives they offer the more I might find one that suits my taste and my pocket.