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2018 Jeep Wrangler similar to 2017 model

8 November 2016

JL Wrangler Forums has used intelligence from spy photos and leaked images to create these renderings of the new Wrangler.

The drawings show that the front end is still classically Jeep, but with modern updates. The LED headlights and indicator lights are noticeable changes. Another alteration isĀ  found just behind the rear bumper, where there seems to be an air dam for aerodynamics.
The grille, windshield, and bonnet are also a little more aerodynamic looking.


It’s speculation but the new model might lose its removable top altogether and instead have removable panels similar to the Jeep Renegade. JL Wrangler Forums illustrated how this could work in the image above. The roof can be removed in sections and the windows at the very back can also be taken out. The overall effect is similar to that of a current Wrangler Unlimited.