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2020: A Ford crossover EV with 500km all-electric range

6 January 2017

The end of the decade is fast approaching. This means that time is running out for all the concepts about flying cars that can turn into refrigerators to take shape before 2020. 

If there’s one manufacturer that might just make good on its ideas, it’s The Ford Motor Company.

According to Motor Authority, Ford is planning to offer consumers 13 new electric vehicles in the next five years.

One of the vehicles the American carmaker will offer is an all-electric SUV with a rather lengthy 500km electric range.

Ford hasn’t disclosed any details about the EV’s moniker, but our guess is that Ford might use the popular EcoSport mould.

At this stage, however, Ford only plans to sell it in the North American, European and Asian markets.

Despite Ford not mentioning the South African market, this technological leap on the EV front can serve as a good indicator of where the crossover market might be headed within the next decade.