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5 Favourite Tyre Commercials

10 August 2016

Here are five of our favourite tyre commercials, from the impressive BF Goodrich K02 All Terrain tyre advert, to some funny Bridgestone Super Bowl ads.

1. BF Goodrich K02 All Terrain
This one certainly scores high marks for grabbing your attention and for creativity. BF Goodrich also show the making of the advert in a separate clip that gives a very interesting behind the scenes look at how a skydiver filmed the falling tyre, among other things.

2. Bridgestone Tyre’s humorous 2010 Super Bowl commercial
Everyone likes a laugh and Bridgestone have tapped into this with this Superbowl commercial as well as the 2015 Superbowl advert also featured on this page.

3. Nokian Tyres ‘Trust the Natives’
The element of surprise. What we like about this one is that you just don’t expect the advert to end quite like it does. It also made us smile.

4. General Tyre and the Adventure Girl
A little corny but this one has some great visuals and most people can relate to wanting to be out on an adventure rather than sitting in traffic.

5.Bridgestone Tyre’s funny 2015 Super Bowl commercial
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