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Android Auto to be available in any car

9 November 2016

Google will be releasing Android Auto 2.0 for any phone running Android 5.0 or newer, which will bring Android Auto straight to your phone.

Like its competitor Apple CarPlay, Android Auto was created as a standard, easy-to-use interface and an alternative to badly designed infotainment systems. It is compatible with many vehicle systems, but there are still many people driving older cars with systems that aren’t compatible and the if those users want to use Androis Auto, they need to fit expensive aftermarket head units.

Now, as long as you have Android 5.0 or a newer phone you can run Android Auto in any vehicle, via your phone. If your car has Bluetooth audio, the updated app has a setting to automatically switch to Android Auto when connected.

Another benefit is that Google Maps, Messenger, Pocket Casts, and hundreds of others apps are are all controllable through Android Auto.

Google stated that although it won’t be available at launch, it is working on “Ok Google” voice integration so you can control the app without taking your eyes off the road.