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Drive a Unimog off-road in Gaggenau

1 December 2016

Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks division are happy to give you a key to a Unimog if you would like to put it through its paces on challenging slopes, away from the regular asphalt.

To do so, you’ll need to visit the Gaggenau Museum, Germany where you can drive a Unimog U 4023, with a crewcab that offers seating for the driver and six passengers.


“A hundred percent (or 1 in 1) climbs affording occupants a view of the sky through the windscreen and nothing else, and lateral inclinations of 30 degrees which leave many a vehicle occupant feeling nauseous are just some of the things which visitors have been able to experience for ten years now on the off-road track at the Unimog Museum in Gaggenau”, the automaker explains.

The roof-mounted grab handles and a sturdy padded steel tube crossing in front of the bench seat ensure that passengers have a firm hold while the vehicle is being driven over fallen tree trunks and slopes tilted 30 degrees sideways.

This highly versatile truck that became famous for its off-road abilities, tips the scales at 10.3 tonnes, and takes its power from a four-cylinder engine that delivers 170kW and an impressive 900Nm of torque at 1 400rpm.