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Fully electric bakkie revealed in Morocco

11 November 2016

The Aslan EV bakkie was revealed on Tuesday 8 November in Marrakesh, Morocco, by the country’s National Transportation and Logistic Comapny (SNTL). On display at the SNTL’s center of technology and innovation, the bakkie is 100% electric and fully designed and assembled in Morocco.


It’s claimed that this is the ‘world’s first electric pickup truck’ and although it is a far more authentic looking bakkie than the Condor pickup of American company EV Fleet (which looks more like a small delivery truck), it isn’t an entirely new concept.

One of the features that make this electric vehicle prototype appealing from a practical point of view is that you can charge the bakkie at home in less than 7 hours using a 220V power outlet and in only 30 minutes using a supercharger. The Aslan EV does does not require the creation of electric stations for it to be recharged.


However, the downside is that range is limited to between 180 to 200km but the designers of the vehicle claim “that it is perfectly suited for urban journeys, with frequent stops, during which its speed can reach 129km/h and its rear bed can bear up to 800kg of load”. The rechargeable batteries are fitted on the chassis.


According to Morocco World News, the most punted feature of this innovation is the ability of future Alsan EV bakkie owners  to easily upgrade sections of their vehicles without having to buy an entirely new one. The modular design allows new versions of a component to be seamlessly integrated on to an earlier version of the vehicle, without hindering any of its normal functions.

The electric bakkie, although designed and manufactured in Morocco is intended to be primarily sold in the European market.

Photo credit: Infomedia and OSVehicle