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Huge Jeremy Clarkson head spotted in Washington State

7 December 2016

In the oddest news of the day, drivers in Washington State in the US, have been snapping pictures and sharing them on social media of an eight-foot tool statue of Jeremy Clarkson’s head on the back of a truck.

Not unexpectedly, The Grand Tour’s twitter account seemed to confirm that it is part of a promotional stunt, revealing that work is being done on a similar statue of James May and presumably, Richard Hammond as well.

On the back of the truck behind the giant Clarkson’s head were a number of other boxes with labeled with the names of other body parts. One of the boxes reads ‘JEREMY CROTCH’ while another appears to say ‘JEREMY LEFT FOREARM’.

It’s not yet known why the statues of Clarkson and his co-hosts exist but it is certainly related to The Grand Tour and could be included in a future episode. Some theories say that the statues may be erected at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters.