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‘Invincible X’ adds style to Prado

1 February 2017

Toyota in the UK recently added a new model to the Land Cruiser Prado line-up, just for the occasion when a standard luxury SUV is not quite good enough.

Dubbed the ‘Invincible X,’ the changes are more than just skin-deep, as it features an arsenal of extra toys and equipment, all while retaining its serious off-road abilities.

The exterior has received chrome door-mirror casings and black 18-inch alloy wheels that create a striking contrast with the white paint job.

In the cabin, you get full leather upholstery that’s available in three different finishes. A Blu-Ray and gaming rear-seat entertainment system, triple-zone air conditioning and the Toyota Touch 2 system that comes with Go multimedia and a handy navigation system makes the Cruiser even more exclusive.

This added opulence doesn’t mean it has gone soft, though. The Invincible X also features all-wheel drive with a Torsen limited-slip differential that can split the drive between the front and rear wheels from 50:50 to 30:70, depending on terrain.

Price-wise, the flagship Land Cruiser Invincible X will be available at a relatively steep£57 880 (R980 000), which is about R60 000 more than the locally available flagship Prado 3.0 Diesel VX Auto model.