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Isuzu KB300 “Lekker Ou Jan” performance upgrade

22 August 2016

Steve’s Autoclinic has a new performance upgrade for the Isuzu KB300 D-Teq, that they have christened ‘Lekker Ou Jan’ as a tribute to trusty old ‘plaasbakkies’.

This upgrade has the ability to squeeze another 70-110Nm out of the D-Teq engine of a Isuzu KB300.

“With the ‘Lekker Ou Jan’ performance upgrade, we have utilised the full power of Unichip and the difference in engine performance will be immediately evident, thanks to an improvement of 30-40kW in engine power up to 170kW and a jump in torque from 380Nm to around 490Nm,” says Stephen Fischer, founder and CEO of the SAC Group.

The engineering team at SAC have programmed the Unichip Q4 to monitor and control multiple aspects of the engine all at the same time, unlike most ‘off the shelf’ performance upgrade chips, which simply increase fuel pressure, no matter the engine coolant temperature or boost pressure.


There are five performance maps pre-programmed into the upgrade. The first removes all engine power when the vehicle is stationery, as an extra security measure.

The second map returns the Isuzu D-TEQ to standard, with no change in performance or fuel consumption, while a third map changes engine characteristics and performance to dramatically improve fuel consumption.

The remaining two maps offer the best in engine optimisation. One of these is a special 4×4 and towing setting, which optimises torque delivery at low engine speeds.

In the final setting all latent power is made available to the driver, while maintaining engine durability and safe operating conditions.