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Jaguar Land Rover opens SVO technical center

11 July 2016

JLR has opened their new Special Vehicle Operations Technical Center, which represents a £20 million (R375 000) investment located in Coventry, UK.

The new facility will serve as SVO’s headquarters and will house manufacturing, paint, technical and customer commissioning and presentation zones.

The specialist division of Jaguar Land Rover was created in 2014  to undertake classic car restorations, such as that of the Land Rover Series 1 Defender and to build halo models and other bespoke creations.

Customers will be able to visit SVO Technical Center’s Bespoke Commissioning Suite where they will be given the chance of creating and customizing their personal Jaguar or Land Rover.

“Our brand new facility delivers industry leading quality, precision and choice. We will encourage customers to participate in the design of their own vehicles, to give a real sense of emotional connection to something that they have created; something unique”, said Greg Clark, Director of Vehicle Personalisation.

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