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Jaguar to move towards electric models, Land Rover opts for Hybrids

5 September 2016

The German CEO of Jaguar Land Rover has revealed that future Jaguar models will adopt all-electric drivetrains while Land Rover is expected to move towards hybrids.

Peter Modelhart told local media Rhein Zeitung that Jaguar models will still be “real Jaguars” despite adopting electric power. Although the didn’t specify which Jaguar models will be electric, it is reported that the company is developing both an electric sedan and a battery-powered SUV.

Modelhart said that hybrid powertrains “probably make more sense than a pure electric powertrain” for Land Rover.

Select Range Rover models can be ordered with a diesel-electric V6 drivetrain and given the torque and fuel efficiency improvements provided by an electric motor, it’s likely that additional models within the Land Rover family will follow this path.