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Lego Batmobile at the Detroit Auto Show

16 January 2017

The weird and wonderful just keeps on coming at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. But, while most showcased the future of design and performance, Chevrolet has decided to strike fear in the hearts of villains everywhere.

Chevy has partnered with students from the Detroit Cody Rouge community, A World in Motion and the First Lego League to build the latest iteration of the world’s elite crime-fighting vehicle – the Batmobile.

Built (largely) using Legos, the life-sized Chevrolet version of the Batmobile is based on the Speedwagon that stars in the upcoming release of the Lego Batman Movie.

Like a true crime-fighter, it’s all about the numbers, and this one doesn’t disappoint: It was assembled using a grand total of 344 187 Lego bricks over the course of 1 833 hours. That equates to just over 76 days of continuous plastic brick-stacking.

To support the 640kg brick structure, and of course make sure it doesn’t collapse at the first sign of danger, the creators used a total of 26m of aluminum square tubing.

The model unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show is only powered by the imagination, but Chevrolet has jokingly listed the bowtie wearing Batmobile on it’s international product website. It’s even complete with pricing, specifications and equipment – a clear warning to any villain hoping to terrorise Gotham City. Furthermore, the Detroit based carmaker says that it was precisely engineered to “kick butt”.

The wheels are fully articulating and knobbly enough to tackle just about any terrain, while the suspension is fully adjustable for function, comfort and crime fighting. Hardened body panels deflect ammunition, while the shape is “aerodynamically sculpted” in true Batman fashion.

Some other nifty features include stud shooters, rocket boosters for maximum forward thrust, and a bulletproof cockpit. If, however, you are looking to buy into this fictional car, you better have a cheque book the size of Bruce Wayne’s, since Chevy states the asking price at US$48m (R650 688 000).

Performance figures:
Engine: 6.2-litre V100
Power: 15 000kW
Torque: 10 100Nm
Drive Mode Select: Racing, Monster Truck, Parallel Park
Warranty: 10-year/160 000km