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Lexus to produce seven-seat RX to rival Volvo XC90

13 January 2017

There has been speculation that Lexus want to introduce a longer, seven-seat version of their RX SUV and according to a new report from Autocar, it’s coming this year.

This more spacious RX will be competing with Volvo’s XC90 and the Mercedes Expected GLS among other luxury SUVs. It’s expected that the larger RX will be introduced later in 2017 and go on sale in 2018.

Although Lexus still have to confirm the report,  Toyota boss Karlk Schlich hinted at an an expanded range of crossovers from the two brands, saying, “We would see other SUV developments before we’d see another coupe – that’s my guess. Once the coupes have done their job, we need to further refine the SUV range.

The same powertrain options as the standard RX, including the V6-powered RX350L and the hybrid RX450hL will most likely be fitted to the new three-row RX.

Lexus is also believed to be working on a smaller SUV that was previewed by the UX Concept in Paris last spring. The company has already trademarked the the UX200, UX250 and UX250h monikers.