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Meet Mitsubishi’s first 4×4 passenger vehicle

9 November 2016

The car that gave rise to the Mitsubishi Pajero is on show at the largest automotive event in Latin America, the São Paulo Motor Show in Brazil that takes place this week.


Mitsubishi’s first passenger car equipped with 4×4 traction, from a time when it was exclusively found on heavy vehicles and cargo carriers, was brought to the show. The Mitsubishi PX-33 was originally commissioned by the Japanese government as a military vehicle in the early 1940s and had the country’s first direct injection diesel engine. The PX-33 is fitted with a staggeringly big 6.7-liter diesel engine, although it only produces 52kW.


There were only four of these vehicles built and Mitsubishi hung on to this one, which it displays on rare occasions to highlight its off-road history.