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Mercedes 4x4s traverse the Scottish Highlands (off-road)

21 November 2016

Twelve four-wheel drive Mercedes-Benz models recently did the first off-road UK crossing of modern time.

A bunch of G-Class, GLE and GLS Mercedes-Benz models undertook this journey across the Scottish Highlands driving off-road for the 104km, which was completed over the course of two days.


All the vehicles were standard UK-spec cars, fitted with road-legal mud tyres and nothing else in terms of modifications, other than the removal of the side steps on certain models.

The iconic G-Class lead the entourage, over terrain with gravel, rock, wet grass, rivers and even the gelatinous mud of the Highlands. This gave it the perfect opportunity to make use of the permanent 4MATIC all-wheel drive system, low-range gearbox and three fully lockable differentials.


Mercedes fitted the GLE and GLS with fully manual mode for the automatic transmission, special off-road programming, a center differential lock, protective underbody paneling, a low-range gearbox,  plus an extra three selectable ride heights for the AIRMATIC suspension. The package also features an “Off-road Plus” mode for the standard Driver Select system.

Mercedes got permission from 11 different landowners in order to make the journey – to respect the privacy of the landowners, the route remains unpublished.

Source: Carscoops