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Mercedes-Benz all-electric SUV concept expected to debut in Paris

8 June 2016

Mercedes-Benz will reportedly announce plans for a range of zero-emission vehicles at this year’s Paris Auto Show, introducing an all-electric SUV concept.

Autocar reported that it was confirmed by “high-ranking insiders” that development is currently underway on the outskirts of Stuttgart, Germany. The luxury German brand will be previewing a brand new design language that will find its way to the production vehicles that are expected to be available in about 2019.

Offered as an alternative to traditional petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles the EVs will be competing against the Tesla Model X and upcoming models from Audi and Jaguar. The all-electric SUV will be underpinned by a new RWD/AWD platform, which is believed to be based on the brand’s MRA architecture. It’s also expected to share aspects of the upcoming hydrogen-powered GLC.