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Mercedes-Benz GLS Journey

18 August 2016

This video shows the unlikely pair of musicians, South Africa’s iconic trumpeter Hugh Masekela and MiCasa front-man J’Something, unearth a heavenly collaboration.

Hugh Masekela and J’Something set off on a journey to create a song inspired by each other and by South Africa’s rich heritage in the lead up to Heritage Day on 24 September. This collaboration by these musical icons from different generations and genres has resulted in yesterday’s launch of “Heaven in You”.

This week also sees the launch of the video that captures Hugh and J’s behind-the-scenes magic. Developed by Mercedes-Benz, this is the fifth in a series of short films under a successful campaign “Find your Best – #EveryTerrain”.


Hugh Masekela and J’Something drive along the Garden Route in the new Mercedes-Benz GLS, in search of inspiration. Their task is to record an original song, which resulted in “Heaven in You”. The lyrics tell of Hugh’s love for his homeland despite his exile during the country’s troubled past.


Off camera, Hugh said that he derived great joy from working with one of South Africa’s hottest new musical talents. “His energy and optimism reflect the South Africa we all dream of. ‘Heaven in You’ is a fusion of our shared love for this great country.”


J’Something commented: “Spending 48 hours with one of my mentors and someone I look up to in the music industry has been the highlight of my career. Listening to Bra Hugh talk about South Africa as his ‘first love’, witnessing the beauty he sees in everything – the land, the people, the endless opportunities – and then watching him translate this passion into music was awe-inspiring. ‘Heaven In You’ is more than just a great song; I wanted to write a love letter from Hugh Masekela for South Africa that captured his relationship with the country and my respect, love and gratitude I have for this land. I hope this song will inspire people to love and appreciate every curve of this beautiful country.”


Mercedes-Benz Cars Marketing Director, Selvin Govender comments, ” The #EveryTerrain campaign is hoping, in a small way, to ignite a new sense of pride in our local musicians by presenting their highly successful talent in a creative and fresh approach. The campaign presented an opportunity to create music that resonates with the new South Africa and is the basis of new memories.”


An #EveryTerrain video will be released each week in the lead-up to Heritage Day.

Source: Mercedes-Benz