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Mercedes explain the ‘sensual purity’ of the X-Class design

23 November 2016

While everyone waits for Mercedes to churn out the first production X-Class bakkie, the brand want to keep people interested and with that in mind, the company has just released this video.

Kai Sieber explains the design of the Mercedes-Benz Concept X-Class that consists of two design variants, the Concept X-CLASS powerful adventurer and the Concept X-CLASS stylish explorer.

  • Eric Smith

    Jeez Mercedes Benz, just get over yourselves this is n pimped Nissan Navara with MB badge laden with a lot of expensive gadgets and electronics that nobody wants and will only make the thing expensive and when it gets older will fail which will then cost a fortune to repair just as all your other vehicles. Don’t you get it, people buy double cabs because they they want reliability and lower repair costs your vehicles are not that and now your are buggering up a perfectly proper Nissan