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Mitsubishi’s new XM concept previews upcoming MPV

5 August 2016

Mitsubishi’s XM Concept Crossover SUV has been unveiled at the 2016 Indonesia International Auto Show and looks very similar to the eX Concept from late-2015 (pictured below).


There are some differences though, most notable that the XM Concept Crossover SUV is slightly larger than the eX Concept and has a higher rear tailgate and less-streamlined roof. The side windows are also bigger, the wheels are smaller and there are a couple of roof racks bolted on top.

However, it seems that this crossover concept might evolve into the small MPV, set to be built in a new Indonesian factory, next year.

The XM Concept can seat seat seven occupants comfortably in its three rows of seats, despite the car’s relatively small dimensions. No interior shots have been released just yet but thanks to the Tesla Model X-inspired windscreen, it certainly shouldn’t be lacking in the natural light department.

With production of Mitsubishi’s new MPV starting in October 2017, expect to see the finished product early next year.