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Partisan One military SUV looks like a Meccano build

12 October 2017

Function over form does not work well when it comes to the emotional appeal of a vehicle and for this reason most vehicle brands pay attention to the details of design, however in the military it’s all about utilitarian functionality (although it doesn’t need to be that way, as you can see by these cool military 4×4 concepts).

This can be witnessed in the Partison One, the first product from a new German startup that aims to simplify military ground transportation. The vehicle is bare-to-the-bones ugly and looks like it could have been constructed using a basic Meccano set. That is the point. It is designed to be dismantled (and reassembled) with relative ease and to pack flat in ‘knock-down kits’ that can be sent – up to five in a standard shipping container – to the necessary destination.

There are various mounting points on the basic frame to which armour plating can be attached.Partisan Motors sees itself offering a number of versions of this military SUV, including short- and long-wheelbase models, pickups, even three- and four-axle variants.

Exact specifications still need to be finalized the simplicity of the design could ensure the longevity of the vehicle, which could be upgraded without needing a complete redesign. Dr. Juri Postnikov – the Russian-German engineer behind Partisan Motors – intends to offer a 100-year warranty on each one it sells, a clear indication that the company plans on being around for a long time.

  • Des Porter

    The door lock could be upgraded