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Porsche Macan and Cayenne get a boost

29 August 2016

Just in case you think that the Porsche Macan or Cayenne SUV’s don’t have quite enough ‘go’, German tuner Techart have just released new powerkits that boost the Macan and  Cayenne flagship models with quite some intensity.

Techart have managed to get 353kW and 650Nm of torque out of the Macan Turbo and a mammoth 530kW and 920Nm out of the Cayenne Turbo S.

It’s the Techart Techtronic kit, which is integrated into the vehicle’s CAN data bus system that gives the Macan its extra power. With this kit, the Macan Turbo will now hit 100 km/h in just 4.4 seconds (4.6s is the factory standard), with an increased top speed of 274 km/h (from 266km/h).

For the Cayenne Turbo S, aside from the Techtronic engine management, the tuner also included new turbochargers, exhaust manifolds, oil and water lines and sport air filters – developed especially for this power-kit . At its best, the Cayenne Turbo S can now reach 311 km/h, instead of the factory standard 284 km/h.

“The power output of a genuine Techart powerkit is reliable, durable and repeatable,” says Moritz Renner, Techart automotive mechatronics engineer.

So how much will one of these kits set you back? At the current exchange rate you are looking at R400 000 excluding VAT and installation.