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Rally Monte-Carlo Historique features four Renault 8 Gordinis

26 January 2017

The 20th edition of the Rally Monte-Carlo Historique got underway yesterday with the race being open to cars that took part in the actual event from 1955 until 1980.

To give all competitors a chance to get a decent result, there will once again be a choice of three average speed levels to comply with during the competition.

Renault has entered four teams at the wheel of Renault 8 Gordinis (once one of the company’s most popular sports models):

Team  no.5: Manu Guigou/ Jean-Pierre Prevot
Team no.8 : Jean Ragnotti / Sebastien Delanney
Team no.12 : Michel Leclere/ Michel Duvernay
Team no.14 : Guillaume Chancel/ François-Paul Forgeoux


About the Renault 8 Gordini
The Renault 8 Gordinis was one the most popular sports models ever made by Renault, offering a top speed of 175 km/h at a very affordable price.

The Renault 8 Gordini appeared in 1964 to open up the thrill of sports driving to a whole generation. Though the “Gorde”, as it was affectionately known, was based on the Renault 8 Major, racetrack modifications at the hand of wizard Amédée Gordini left it largely unrecognisable.

Nothing was created by halves: the original model’s sensible engine was transfigured to squeeze out almost twice the power, with changes like a new cylinder head and two splendid Weber carburetors. Then the suspension, steering, brakes and equipment were upgraded to achieve a the top speed of 175 km/h. Visual signs of this remarkable sporting aptitude included round instrument dials and a smart blue finish with white stripes. The 1108 cc engine of the initial release gave way to a 1255 cc unit with the 1966 facelift, which also brought in the tell-tale dual headlamps. The Gordini Cup, introduced the same year, went a long way to developing the Renault 8 Gordini myth, consolidating its reputation with an impressive list of racing honours. Many racing drivers learned their craft at the wheel of a Renault 8 Gordini, and hold very fond memories of it. In 1970, the great little Renault 8 Gordini finally gave way to a Renault 12 model bearing the same name.

The four Renault 8 Gordinis entered by Renault are equipped with Michelin 135X15 X M + S 89 tyres which have already proved their efficiency in previous editions.


(Text on and images of the Renault 8 Gordini were supplied by Renault).

The rally started on Wednesday, January 25, with the week’s first Concentration Run beginning in Stockholm (2 735km / 9:00am), Glasgow (2 092km / 6:00pm) and Lisbon (2 212km / 7:00pm). Another start venue option is Copenhagen (2 074km / 12:10pm) on Thursday, January 26), or competitors can choose Bad Homburg (1 242km / 2:20pm), Barcelona (1 050km / 4:30pm) or Reims (1 004km / 7:00pm) on Friday, January 27.


Daniel Elena (Sébastien Loeb’s partner at the 2017 Dakar Rally) is racing a VW Golf (no.47) with Olivier Campana. There is a fully female crew of Tiffaney Perlino and Harriett Ross, driving a Lancia Fulvia 1600 (no.53) and also (almost the whole) Mourenon family taking part. Jean-Philippe and Marie Mourenon (the parents) are driving a Renault 5 Alpine (no.265), while Didier (the son) is racing a Citroën DS21 (no.266) with Pierre-Emmanuel Bessone.


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