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Toyota Land Cruiser rolls off back of a ferry and into the sea

6 January 2017

A group of backpackers in Australia got the fright of their lives after one of their rented SUVs rolled off a ferry near Australia’s Fraser Island.

Backpacker Chloe Swift captured the moment on video that she uploaded to Facebook, which shows the Toyota Land Cruiser slowly rolling off the back of the ferry and into the water. It stayed afloat for about 30 seconds before disappearing under the water.

In a Facebook post, Swift said “Luckily nobody inside the car! But quite a few phones, debit cards, passports and valuables all gone.”

Another tourist who was on board, Katrina Lawrence, told the Brisbane Times that the indecent happened around 11 am. One man attempted to stop the vehicle by grabbing onto it but it continued rolling backwards and slipped off the back of the ferry.

According to Manta Ray Fraser Island Barges who operate the boat, an internal investigation has been launched.