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Teens’ crashed Toyota Hilux gets airlifted off a cliff

9 December 2016

Two Australian teenagers managed to come away virtually unscathed after crashing a Toyota Hilux over barriers before it tumbled down a cliff. A clump of trees stopped the Hilux from going all the way down into the water below.

The crash happened at the Sea Cliff Bridge near Wollongong, Australia, about two weeks ago and the insurance company decided to use a helicopter remove the vehicle early on Tuesday morning. The helicopter carried the bakkie for about 3km before dropping it off at a local sporting field.

According to a spokesman for Roads and Maritime Services who spoke with the Illawarra Mercury, “Several options were considered to remove the vehicle including use of a crane, which would have impacted traffic on Lawrence Hargrave Drive.

“The use of a helicopter to retrieve the vehicle meant there was no impact to road users and the whole operation took around 10 minutes.”