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The most Googled car brands by country

1 February 2017

Toyota was the most searched for car brand in 2016 from a total of 193 countries last year, according to UK car parts distributor, Quickco.

The Japanese automaker topped the searches in countries including China, the United States, Australia, Greenland and the vast majority of central African countries.

The next popular with Google was BMW, which was most searched in 51 countries. Mony of these searches where conducted in European countries that include Germany, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Croatia, Ukraine and Norway.

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Hyundai was in third place with the Korean company proving particularly popular in Russia and India. Honda was also popular, especially throughout Canada, Indonesia and Brazil. Appropriately in Sweden, Volvo was the most searched brand and similarly Fiat was the most searched in Italy.

Last year Volkswagen outstripped Toyota as the biggest car manufacturer by sellingĀ 10.31 vehicles worldwide ahead of Toyota’s total of 10.175 million vehicles. Despite this, Volkswagen only grabbed the top results in Spain, Romania, Belarus, Estonia, Cape Verde, Andorra and Uruguay.

In South Africa it was Mercedes-Benz that was the most searched for brand.