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Video: Gibbs Amphibious Truck [w/video]

16 February 2014

If you’ve watched the latest episodes of Top Gear, you’ve probably seen Jeremy Clarkson take on the Alpha Romeo 4C with a rather unconventional vehicle: a quad/jetski hybrid, called the Quadski, that was designed and built by Gibbs Amphibians.

Well, the Quadski isn’t the only amphibious vehicle that the company builds. It also produces an amphibious truck called the Humdinga, which will now be built under license by Singapore Technologies Kinetics to assist with tsunami relief in Asia.

The Humdinga is a truly spectacular piece of technology. Equipped with a turbocharged diesel engine, the Gibbs Humdinga is capable of reaching speeds in excess of 30 mph on water and highway speeds on land. It is the only truck in the world that can go faster than 9 mph on water. It is certainly one of the most impressive all-terrain vehicles around. Watch a video of the Humdinga in action below.