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Volvo ready to phase out diesel engines

3 June 2016

Volvo recently presented two concepts, previewing the next 40 Series models that will be powered by the brand’s new T5 3-cylinder engine plug-in hybrid powertrain.

At the launch event, Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson told journalists that the Swedish car maker will progressively replace diesels engine over the next decade or so.

“It is a very attractive alternative to a diesel engine. It offers much lower CO2 levels but more or less the same performance in both horsepower and torque. On cost, I would say that within a couple of years we will see a crossover, the diesel getting more expensive and the [hybrid system] going down,” said Samuelsson.

Samuelsson believes that various methods of reducing CO2 emissions in diesels – in order to meet future standards – will make them more arduous to use compared to hybrids:

“Diesels will be more expensive, they will have much more advanced after-treatment with additional fluids that have to be filled not once a year, but probably every time you refuel the car. I think that it’s very realistic that the percentage will go down. If it will go down to zero, I think we don’t need to speculate—let the future decide, let customers decide. We are flexible enough that we can make petrol and diesels on the same line, basically.”