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VW’s Amarok SUV will be based on the new gen model

18 August 2016

Despite initial news from Down Under that Volkswagen are developing a seven-seat SUV based on its Amarok bakkie, Volkswagen has not yet officially signed off on this SUV to compete with the Ford Everest and Toyota Prado among others.

According to CarAdvice however, talks are underway but the seven-seater SUV will based on the next generation Amarok and can be expected around 2020.


“We’re talking about it again now… there’s been some success with competitors like MU-X and Everest and Colorado 7 and Fortuner, everyone is doing it,” Volkswagen Commercials Australia director Carlos Santos said this week.

“I know there’s something in works, nothing confirmed, but we would absolutely love to see it in Australia without a doubt. [But] it will be next-generation, it won’t be this generation. If it does come it’ll be the one due around 2020.”


Santos previously hinted that the proposed bakkie-based SUV would likely employ the same 3.0-litre V6 turbodiesel that is set to arrive with the upcoming Amarok facelift.