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WM Motors accused of Photoshopping its electric SUV over a Mitsubishi Outlander

5 December 2016

Chinese electric car startup WM Motors previewed its future range of affordable EVs last week. However, the renderings it released of its SUV have turned out to be photoshopped images of a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Concept S.

Electrek discovering that the shots of the WM Motor SUV are in fact press pictures from the launch of the latest Mitsubishi Outlander and broke the news. All that the company’s head designer has done is modify the body of the Outlander and Photoshopped out a small cloud in the sky.

Since the release of the news, lawyers  representing WM Motors have responded with this statement.

“We here refer to the recent alleged concept design images of WM Motor distributed over the Internet.

As an innovative electric vehicle company, WM Motor has always been paying extra attention to defences and protections of our intellectual properties. The design process for WM Motor is strictly confidential. We have completed most of the contractual arrangements with our supplying partners. The construction of our first intelligent industry park for WM Motor’s electric vehicles has already started at Oujiangkou District, Wenzhou City in Zhejiang Province of China. The construction site will occupy approximately 165 acres. Our first EV product will be launched in 2018. We are pleased to announce all related works have been progressing timely. WM Motor independently owns the intellectual properties that are related to its innovations and products.

Any alleged concept design images mentioned over the internet are NOT related to WM Motor to any extent. WM Motor will not hesitate to take immediate legal actions against those ungrounded reports of distributions should they cause defamation, infringement or any other harm to WM Motor.

We hereby confirm that all official updated will be firstly released at our official homepage We sincerely thank you for your attentions!”