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X-Class Concept is almost production-ready

11 November 2016

Mercedes-Benz says that the designs of the X-Class concepts revealed last month are almost production-ready.

Head of design at Mercedes-Benz, Gorden Wagener said that most of the elements of the white, ‘Stylish Explorer’ concept will be incorporated into the final product, including the angular headlights, flared wheel arches and possibly the wrap-around LED taillight.

“The overall design, proportions, this is pretty much production. We put on bigger tyres and stuff and little details like the winch and some jewellery for the show car, but pretty much it’s what you’ll get,” Wagener said when speaking with Motoring.


It’s believed that the more aggressively off-road, X-Class ‘Powerful Adventurer’ concept won’t reach production. However, many of its accessories could be offered as optional extras, such as the underbody protection.

Wagener also said the the luxurious interiors of the concepts will not change very much.


“The interior is almost complete production. You’ve never seen a pickup with this kind of value and quality inside. We basically treat it like our passenger cars. It’s above everything in the competition, aiming to deliver ambience far above everything else out there.”

The X-Class will be launched in Europe first, next year and then reach South Africa, Australia and Latin America.