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Baboon relieves Team Tane of camera batteries

16 May 2017

Travelling through Africa comes with a mixed bag of experiences and Team Tane have been keeping us updated on theirs.

On Day 13 of their travels, after 20125km, Team Tane’s found themselves on the edge of the Victoria Falls on the #SuzukiAfricaSkyHigh adventure. This is what happened next:

“Yesterday we experienced two truly ‘only in Africa moments,’ on the edge of the mighty Victoria Falls. The first incident included the largest baboon we have ever seen in our lives slowly sauntering out of his troope of 100 fellows and stealing our awesome Osprey South Africa camera bag and all of our spare batteries! He then proceeded to smile at us when he dropped each item one by one off the cliff. Fortunately this experience was more than made up for by the proceeding event; the Luna rainbow over the Victoria falls. Occurring once a month the rainbow is formed in the spray from the falls when the full moon rises. It is incredible and yet another item for your bucket lists.

On Day 15, Team Tane travelled from Livingstone to Lusaka, Zambia.
“The roads are busy and fairly hectic with quite a few potholes, but life is good! We met another of Badger’s ancestors yesterday; this time a Suzuki #SJ410. Crazily enough, despite being 33 years old, this black beauty owned by our hosts from Livingstone Backpackers Hostel & Campsite Zambia Central Africa, only had about 17,000km on the clock. Just like Badger their SJ has earned a reputation as a little pocket rocket who keeps going against all odds. Tomorrow the adventure continues….”

Before leaving the Livingstone backpackers Shane Quinnell of Team Tane did a little bit of climbing on the climbing wall.