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How to… fit LED spotlights

16 December 2016

Fitting a set of LED driving lights is a right easy DIY job, right? On the contrary…
We tagged along as the crew at 4×4 Mega World installed ARB Intensity LED driving lights and discovered it’s definitely a precision job.

ARB Intensity LED driving lights are submersible up to three metres deep and tested for vibrations, according to military specifications. But, these credentials would be useless without the proper planning, precision and patience during fitment to ensure optimal performance.


1. The cover that serves as protection for all electrical wires in the front is carefully removed.


2. The mounting brackets for the lights are used to plan where the holes will be drilled.


3. Holes are drilled on the bull bar. This step is not crucial since each ARB Deluxe bull bar comes with a pre-drilled hole for the main bolt. Extra screws, though, ensure the most secure fit.


4. Brackets are mounted to the bull bar.


5. The ARB Intensity lights are bolted to the brackets; however, it’s not completely fastened yet.


6. The wires that will be connected to the battery (via a relay) are readied and plugged into the back of the lights.


7. The lights are connected to the vehicle’s high-beam lights. An auxiliary switch is inserted on the dashboard, which can be used to manually override the lights.


8. Wiring is connected to the battery.


9. All the wires are neatly tied together using cable ties. This also ensures that a stray wire doesn’t end up getting damaged or cause any electrical malfunctions.


10. The lights are levelled and fastened. The wiring is then also checked by the technician.


11. Upon completion, the protective cover gets placed back.

Shedding some light on the law
LED driving lights can be a blessing, especially on a remote sandy road where danger lurks around every corner. But, you can also rake in some heavy fines if you ignore the thin layer of red tape that is usually associated with additional vehicle lights.

LED driving lights are less of a contentious issue than their LED light bar counterpart, but there are still some rules and regulations to remember before
signing your name on the dotted line.

LED driving lights and spotlights are not the same. According to the law, LED driving lights are classified as extra headlights

Spotlights are defined under the lawas adjustable lights that are able to tilt. These are only allowed on designated emergency vehicles

Six (non-adjustable) headlights can be fitted to the front of a vehicle, including the standard headlights

LED driving lights may not be installed higher than 1.4m from the ground.

Additional lights must have an auxiliary operation switch.

While it is important to keep these rules in mind during your next purchase, we recommend consulting with a vehicle testing station that is clued up on the latest rules and regulations to ensure that you remain within the confines of the law.

Text and photos: Deon van der Walt