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Second-hand deals: What can R150 000 get you?

6 December 2016

What sort of 4×4 can you buy for R150 000? If you’re looking to buy new, there isn’t much. But consider used vehicles and you’ll be surprised by your options. Here are a few Gumtree gems that still have a lot of lead left in the pencil.

R150 000 seems to be something of an inflection point when it comes to used 4×4s. Try to buy one for less than that, and your options tend to be rather limited. But scrounge together R150 000, and suddenly you’re spoilt for choice. Below are some great second-handers available on Gumtree for the magic number of R150 000.


Isuzu KB300 4×4 LX Double Cab
True, this bakkie is almost a decade old, but thanks to the legendary reliability of Isuzu’s KBs, it remains a tempting offer. By today’s standards, the oilburner is pretty noisy, you’ll wish it had more power and the cabin is quite basic (hard plastics were a lot more popular back then), but this is still great value for money. With ‘a mere’ 177 000km on the clock, this KB could still provide years and years of solid service.

Good Capable, tough and reliable
Not so good Plastic interior, agricultural-sounding engine, a problematic oilburner can be expensive

The specs
Year 2007
Mileage 177 000KM
Engine Three-Litre Diesel
Transmission Five-Speed Manual
Power 96Kw
Torque 265nm


Nissan Pathfinder 2.5 dCi
This Pathfinder is more than a decade old and has 200 000km on the clock. Neither of these two things count in its favour. In fact, it might seem a bit pricey. But it’s worth considering what it offers. For around R150 000 you get an uber-luxurious 4×4 that has a good amount of power and torque, and even boasts nice to haves such as an electric sunroof and seven seats. You’ll want to check the service history carefully and have it thoroughly inspected before buying, though. If something goes wrong, you could end up with a big bill.

Good Spacious and luxurious
Not so good Will have lots of kilometres on the clock at this price

The specs
Year 2005
Mileage 200 000km
Engine 2.5-Litre Diesel
Transmission Six-Speed Manual
Power 126kw
Torque 403nm


Nissan NP300 Hardbody 2.4 SE 4×4 Double Cab
The basic design of the NP300 Hardbody has been around for years and years now, but this particular model is relatively new (2011). Mileage isn’t bad, either. The biggest issue is the lack of torque. That 2.4-litre petrol powerplant promises to be thirsty, without offering up much in terms of performance. Don’t ever dare time your 0-100km/h acceleration, it’ll only leave you depressed.

Good Spacious and practical
Not so good Thirsty petrol engine, not a lot of torque

The specs
Year 2011
Mileage 158 000km
Engine 2.4-Litre Petrol
Transmission Five-Speed Manual
Power 105kw
Torque 205nm


Suzuki Jimny
Priced at around R220 000 new, you can get a very decent second-hand Jimny for just R150 000. This particular example is very new (2014), but mileage is quite high. Settle for a 2011 model or so and you can easily get one with less than 100 000km on the clock.

It’s a pukka little 4×4 that’s loads of fun on a trail and very manoeuvrable in city traffic. What it isn’t, though, is spacious. You won’t fit the whole family and all the luggage into this one, but you get a lot of 4×4 capability for your money.

Good Great 4×4, you can get a great example for R150 000
Not so good Small, not a lot of power

The specs
Year 2014
Mileage 151 000km
Engine T1.3-Litre Petrol
Transmission Five-Speed Manual
Power 63kw
Torque 110nm


Jeep Wrangler 4.0
The iconic Wrangler remains a popular second-hand 4×4. It generally retains its value pretty well, so you’re not going to get a bargain, but you can still get one for R150 000. As with this example, you’ll have to settle for either an older model, or one with high mileage. With a little bit of searching, though, you can find a very decent example.

Good Iconic and capable 4×4
Not so good Very thirsty, basic and unrefined driving experience

The specs
Year 2006
Mileage 115 000km
Engine Four-Litre Petrol
Transmission Six-Speed Manual
Power 142kw
Torque 319nm


Toyota Fortuner 3.0 D–4D
For R150 000, you can even buy the ever-popular Toyota Fortuner, albeit an older model with a lot of kilometres on the clock. With seven seats, great off-road capability and the sort of all-round practicality that makes it a pleasure to live with, it’s a great second-hand buy if you can get it. But when buying a decade-old turbodiesel vehicle you want to make sure that every-thing is in order, so have it checked out thoroughly.

Good Great all-round 4×4
Not so good Buying an old(ish) turbodiesel is always a bit of a risk

The specs
Year 2006
Mileage 220 000km
Engine Three-Litre Diesel
Transmission Five-Speed Manual
Power 120kw
Torque 343nm


Mitsubishi Triton 3.2 Di-D Double Cab
There isn’t much to dislike about the Triton (apart from the styling, perhaps, which has always been controversial). As mentioned with the Toyota D-4D, you want to make sure that everything is mechanically sound before buying, but otherwise the Triton is a solid second-hand buy.

Good Solid workhorse with very decent 4×4 capability
Not so good Make sure it’s in decent nick.

The specs
Year 2009
Mileage 165 000km
Engine 3.2-Litre Diesel
Transmission Five-Speed Manual
Power 118kw
Torque 343nm


Toyota Prado 4.0 VX
You still see a lot of Prados from the mid-2000s running around. Why? Well, because they are excellent 4×4s to live with, and they are incredibly reliable. So it’s hardly surprising that they are so popular on the second-hand market. The four-litre petrol mill is thirsty, of course, but will usually last for hundreds of thousands of kilometres. Finding a good example with low kilometres can take some time, but is worth the effort.

Good Reliable, capable, great to live with
Not so good Thirsty petrol engine

The specs
Year 2006
Mileage 82 000km
Engine Four-Litre Petrol
Transmission Five-Speed Automatic
Power 179kw
Torque 376nm


Land Rover Defender 90 2.8i
While owned for a brief period by BMW, Land Rover offered the Defender with a 2.8-litre petrol mill borrowed from its Teutonic owner. Offering 143kW of power and 280Nm of torque, it provides the Landy with a fair bit of oomph. And at R150 000, this quirky and collectible 4×4 is awfully tempting. It’s basic and rough around the edges, but also iconic. Every trip in a Defender is an adventure.

Good It’s a Defender… with a BMW engine
Not so good Thirsty (of course), any 20-year-old car will have some issues and niggles

The specs
Year 1996
Mileage 205 500km
Engine 2.8-Litre Petrol
Transmission Five-Speed Manual
Power 143kw
Torque 280nm

Text: GG van Rooyen