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2016 Elephant Charge 4×4 Event – Zambia

5 December 2016

“It was dreadful. This is the hardest possible motorsport you can ever do in your entire life. It is awful, it is dust, mopane flies, water…and broken Land Rovers,” Adrian Friend, Just Beer team leader.

“It was great! It was nice technically, it wasn’t too bad. It was pretty easy on the car. We did a fair amount of winch work, so we had some good straight lines, so for us as a team we are pretty happy.” Richard Chapple, team leader of CLZ Mudhogs.

Not everyone had the same opinion of the 2016 Elephant Charge, held about 80km outside of Lusaka, Zambia but there’s no doubt that it was a proper 4×4 challenge.

Skip to three minutes in to the video to see the action and hear the interviews.

The Elephant Challenge is and annual 4×4 off-road competition held at a different location in the Zambian bush each year and raises funds for 10 well-reputed conservation projects in Zambia.