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Fast 8 crew launch cars off building and go mad in Iceland

6 June 2016

Watch this bunch of cars flying off the fourth and fifth stories of a parking garage in Cleveland, Ohio.

This stunt was undertaken for Fast 8, the eighth Fast and Furious movie and was recorded by YouTuber Kasey Crabtree from her apartment window. Crabtree was initially focusing on the helicopter flying nearby, when she heard a loud noise and turned around to capture the vehicles plunging from the multi-storey car park.

Fast 8 started filming in Cleveland on 18 May and will continue until June 10.

Producers also released a new behind-the-scenes video shot in Iceland that is jam-packed with action, as expected. The movie that has already filmed scenes in Cuba and Atlanta, with New York believed to be next in line. Our own Charlize Theron’s plays the main villain, known as Cipher.