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Watch cop’s narrow escape as bakkie smashes her police car

20 October 2016

An American police officer had a very close call near the Minnesota-Wisconsin border, when a bakkie ran into her police vehicle while she was outside of the car helping another motorist.

In this footage from NBC News, you can see police officer Hilary Lundberg walking back towards her squad car when she suddenly viewed a car heading directly for her vehicle.

“She looks up and sees the car coming and she’s got basically no place to go because there’s a gap between the two bridges. So if she were to jump over the ledge, there’s a chance she would fall into the river,” stated Chief Marty Jensen of the Hudson Police.

As you can see, the patrol car was in really bad shape after the crash, indicating that the impact was extremely severe.

“I am just thankful that my officer is alive and not injured,” added Chief Jensen. “Her squad car and this pickup truck were within feet of her as they went by. I am amazed that she did not get hit.”

The 31-year old bakkie driver sustained “non-life threatening injuries”, as reported by the Valley News.

Photo: Hudson Police Department