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This 100 year old Model T Ford to attempt Mike’s Pass

27 August 2012

  • This 1912 Ford Model T is attempting Mike's Pass this week!

This 100 year old Model T Ford is attempting Mike’s Pass on Wednesday (29 August 2012) as part of the promotions leading up to the Durban Motor Show. Watch a video about Mike’s Pass, see what the brave 1912 Model T looks like and find out how you can win tickets to the show.


Do you think it will make it?

The owner, a vintage car lover, will be attempting Mike’s Pass alongside a brand new Ford Ranger. The Pass, which is reserved only for 4×4 vehicles or 4x2s with diff-locks, is a 35 km drive famous for its scenery and altitude. It was built in the 1940s, and named after Mike de Villiers, who was behind the commission of the pass by an Italian named Monzali.

Today, you need a R50 permit (obtainable from Didima camp) and a booking to head up the pass.

You can follow the attempt on our Facebook page, Twitter account or go to Durban Motor Show’s Facebook or Twitter accounts.

You can also WIN tickets to the Durban Motor Show in the October issue of Leisure Wheels!



Mike’s Pass:


  • Pmoult

    even my tricycle could make it up that, common!!!!!