LEGO Camper built using 400 000 bricks

Using 400,000 bricks, two experienced Lego model makers have built what is probably the world’s biggest Lego Camper.

The full-size T2 was revealed at the leisure and travel fair in Munich. The vehicle that served as the blueprint for the model was the T2a camper van, built from 1967 to 1971.

By using 3D images, the team behind the build had produced a construction plan in advance. From that they were able to calculate the precise number of bricks required. The rigidity of the side walls and windows were another particular aspect that had to be accurately calculated in order to ensure lasting stability.

This particular camper features the Westfalia pop-up roof, a sliding door, which was technically very challenging to create, and the interior fittings. Also impressive are the dimensions: the Lego camper van measures over 5 metres in length, 1.9 metres in width and close to 2 metres in height; or 3 metres with the roof popped up.