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Advanced drivers save lives

24 July 2009

“With more than 10 000 people killed on our roads last year, of which 1300 deaths happened over the holiday season alone, drivers more than ever need training on how to drive properly and control their vehicles in an emergency,” says Ray Meyers, managing director of Yokohama Southern Africa.

Now in its 15th year, Yokohama Driving Dynamics has trained thousands of drivers around South Africa at special facilities in Gauteng, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban on how to handle not only their vehicles correctly, but also on how to negotiate hazardous situations if ever they do arise. Customers include the South African Police Service Units countrywide, the South African Police Special Task Force and the SAPS Dog Units, plus many other companies.

By attending the Advanced Driving Skills Course each candidate is ensured of the highest level of instruction by experts and specialists in the advanced driving field. Advanced driver training is proven to assist in reducing the accident rate by enhancing a driver’s awareness, smoothness and refining their skills behind the wheel. This lends itself to a more enjoyable, efficient drive reducing the cost associated with wear and tear as well as improving overall fuel consumption.

The Yokohama Driving Dynamics courses are structured to benefit each individual and company by the alignment of the courses with the safety policy they need to adhere to. In the case of companies better drivers ensure the well being of employees and provide a valuable commitment to social responsibilities.

Furthermore, Yokohama Driving Dynamics offers 4×4 driving courses, hijack prevention and self-protection courses, team building events, product launches and special corporate events.

All driver-training takes place in the new 141 Kw Corsa OPC, Lumina SS Sedan and a full range of Chevrolet Aveo and Optra products.

  • Kobus du Plessis

    Its is just a pity that the advanced driving co**** would not work for everyone. Have you seen lately how wreckless and illigal Taxis drive? I did a High Performance Driving Co**** last year and learned a lot. I always read about car dynamics and handling and still could learn more which I had to Apply twice since I went for the Training.I would really urge everybody to do this training. New drivers ( drivers with less than 2 years experience) first has to learn to drive before they can fully appreciate and comprehend what the training is all about.I would suggest they do basic training first and then later move on to the advanced stuff.

  • Tyrone

    I would like advanced driving training – driving ford focus 2 litre turbo