Agri SA Toyota Young Farmer of the Year announced

Anthony Goble, a farmer from KwaZulu-Natal walked away with the honours of 2015 Agri SA Toyota Young Farmer of the Year award.

The competition starts with regional competitions which put all nominated farmers through an arduous process of evaluations. Once the regional winner, one from each province, has been chosen, they then compete against each other in the national competition.

“We would like to congratulate Mr Goble for winning this prestigious award. We are proud of you and all the finalists for their contribution to South Africa. Farming is not an easy profession and farmers often have to tackle all areas of the business by themselves, handling marketing, distribution on top of the day to day running of their farms. This award not only awards farmers for their business acumen but also for the passion they have for the industry,” said Calvyn Hamman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Toyota South Africa Motors.

Finalists were nominated based on their performance in their respective region, and were subject to the rule that they are between 18 and 35 and must have been a member of Agri SA’s provincial organisations for at least two years. All finalists were nominated by their respective Agri SA provincial councils and were tested on a multitude of aspects, including their financial and business skills, farming skill and proficiency in management focusing specifically on their own contribution, independence and decision making authority.