Cutting the continent – Voetspore

Editor’s note: Our condolences go out to Johan Badenhorst, whose father passed away yesterday morning. Our thoughts are with him and his family. 

Johan Badenhorst and his team have hit the road once again, are cutting our continent in half. Travelling from east to west along the equator, the group is off in a convoy of kitted-out Amaroks, and haven’t had a hitch so far.

The start of July saw the team in Uganda during its driest season, doing rhino trekking at Ziwa, where each rhino is guarded by two armed patrolmen. A few days later they travelled to Muchinson Fall National Park, entering where the Nile River flows into Lake Albert. Johan writes of the abundance of wildlife there, and bumping into an RSG tour group with Johan Rademan. On the other side, the team reports seeing a surprising amount of wildlife – giraffe, hartebees, elephant and oribi.

The last report came through on Friday, which was spent retracing “the journey of Samuel Baker, discoverer of the Muchinson Falls” (Johan’s diary, here). Here they finally got some rain – and great bird sightings – as they travelled along the river to the delta, and the Albert Nile, passing fishermen and an abundance of hippos. At the falls, Johan talks about the history of the majestic place and the visitors it has drawn over the years – read his interesting story here.

In an interview on RSG this past Saturday, Johan Badenhorst said that the Amaroks had brought them no trouble and had only been a pleasure up until that point. In our latest issue – on sale until Monday 15th – we take a closer look at the bakkies, the modifications and equipment required for the long trek along the equator. Make sure you get it and get to page 62!