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Isuzu Great Adventure Series Entry Form

14 August 2018

  • Off-roading adventure with the new Isuzu #muX SUV, near Clarens, eastern Free State, South Africa, RSA

Feeling a little bit blue, with the economical downturn and all? Not getting out so much anymore, and missing some ‘wild’ in your life? Feel like a traditional dance? Then we may just have the solution for you. It’s called the Great Adventure Series, or GAS, and we’ve partnered up with Isuzu Motors South Africa to bring you a day filled with adventure, adrenaline and good old family fun.

“Dancing is just a conversation between two people. Talk to me.”

This line from the film Hope Floats kind of sets a scene for the first challenge of the 2018 Great Adventure Series (GAS).

You’ll have to put your best traditional African dancing foot forward though, to earn the maximum five points for this challenge. Each dancer will have 10 minutes to master a short but tough move, dressed up in traditional regalia, of course.

If the 10min expires and your dance moves have not met the approval of a traditional dancer judge, then you don’t earn that five points.

Welcome to a typical GAS challenge – designed for bucket loads of family fun, adventure and a bit of a challenge too. But a traditional dance is only one of many different challenges. Teams will need to complete a total of 10 challenges, which will also include some general knowledge questions.

The event will be hosed in the Lanseria and Magaliesburg area, and will also include some navigational, er… exercises. However, this is not a race against time and other teams like that famous televised race on television. Instead it comes down to those 10min at each challenge, and if you and your team can deliver the goods, or not.

What challenges can you expect? Well, we are keeping a ferw tricks up our sleeve for now, but you can expect a driving test, an art challenge, an off-road kart driving challenge and a shooting one, to name a few potential folleys.

Oh, and althought you’ll need to know all about animals and nature, a healthy dose of general knowledge to cover the latest politics, entertainment news, matters of humanity, art, geography and more will also be most advantagous.

The GAS challenge is aimed at families of four. So there will be a test for mom and dad, and for young Bob and Sue too. And you know how clued up the youngsters are these days about matters of great social importance, to answer the vital general knowledge questions.

Oh, and the modern man’s encyclopedia, otherwise known as Google, won’t be available either. Teams have to complete the questions with a marshal in attendance, in a limited time, and no smart phones will be allowed to be used during this time.

Each team will be driving an Isuzu mu-X 4×4, fitted with a satellite navigation system. And there will even be lunch served too, during a short break in the activities.

Now you’re probably mubbling something about a bank loan and it all being unfair because it’s going to cost a bundle and you’ve just rennovated the kitchen, right?

Well, it’s not going to cost a bundle… it’s for free.

All you need to do is to get yourself and your family to the starting venue. For now the GAS qualifying rounds will only take place in Gauteng. However, the long-term plan is to expand the series to other regions in South Africa in 2019 too.

That doesn’t mean teams from other regions are not welcome – as long as you are willing to get yourself to the event, then you are in with a shot.

Right, some numbers: we have space for 48 families over six events (see timings elsewhere in this article).  All you have to do is to head over to our website ( to log your entry, along with a few pertinent questions to answer. We’ll then use a random selector to pick the 48 teams that will join us for the fun and games.

There’s more. The three teams with the highest scores (out of 100) will be invited to join us for a weekend-long final in the Eastern Free State, with prizes of up to R50 000 up for grabs. All expenses paid, of couse.

Ready for some adventure?

Then here are the dates for the qualifying rounds of the competition. Please remember that space is limited to eight families per event, so get your entry in sooner, rather than later.

Terms and conditions apply.

The dates are:

Group 1: Saturday, 13 October

Group 2: Saturday, 20 October

Group 3: Saturday, 10 November

Group 4: Saturday, 17 November

Group 5: Saturday, 1 December

Group 6: Saturday, 8 December

All you need to do is fill in you details below so we can get in touch if you happen to be selected.


Winners will be selected at random and the decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Prizes are exactly as stated – they are not transferable and may not be exchanged for cash or any other product. Include your full name, contact details and full information on each entry. Winners will be notified by email and/or telephonically and thereafter receive their prizes. Tickets will not be provided to Johannesburg. The competition is only open to readers in South Africa. Staff of Ramsay Media, the sponsor as well as their advertising agencies and immediate families may not enter. Prizes awarded are the responsibility of the competition sponsor. Leisure Wheels cannot be held responsible in the event of any problems arising.