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Merc GL could spawn Aston SUV

24 March 2014

According to an article by Automobile Magazine, the next Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, which should arrive in 2018, could also act as the basis of an Aston Martin SUV.

Aston Martin’s relationship with Mercedes-Benz first made the news when the Aston Lagonda Concept was revealed in 2009 sporting a Merc chassis. Since then, though, not a lot has come of this relationship.

But that might change in the near future. According to Automobile Magazine, Mercedes is willing to offer the underpinnings of the next-gneration GL-Class as the basis or an Aston SUV, provided it makes solid financial sense for Mercedes-Benz.

Aston Martin would probably be quite eager to get its hands on the platform, since just about every luxury sportscar manufacturer is now looking to produce its own SUV. Porsche, off course, has the popular Cayenne, Bentley is readying an SUV, and even Lamborghini will be making an SUV in the form of the Urus. Moreover, there are rumblings that Rolls-Royce is also looking to enter the fray.

Would there be a market for an Aston SUV? Probably, considering the popularity of the Cayenne. Let’s just hope they never force James Bond to strap into an SUV!